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Tags: goping, software, freeware March 31, 2024

GoPing is a free and portable software, designed to be a handy and illustrative replacement of the system ping tool. It is a perfect instrument to check your Internet connection, or test the response time of any local or remote server. Here are some key features that make GoPing different of any other ping tool:

 GoPing 1.0 (Build 18)
Language: English
Windows: 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7
Release Date: March 31, 2012
File Size: 1.19 Mb

1. Multithreading. Many other ping test tools are using a single thread to ping a host. It means that the second request will be sent only when the first one was replied or timed out. Should you wish to ping some "malfunctioning" server with a greater timeout, you will immediately receive a less detailed picture of what is happening. GoPing will use as many threads as needed to ping a single server strictly with a specified interval.

2. High frequency. Most utilities allow you to specify a minimum ping interval of 1 second or more. Several of them supports a 100 millisecond interval. With GoPing you can send the ping requests every 20 milliseconds. In view of the first paragraph, this gives you really smooth and precise ping statistics.

Ping tool

3. Graphical representation of data. This ping tool renders an informative multicolor chart with verbose and descriptive hints. The X axis is in linear scale and has a scrollbar that allows you to handle any amount of data. The Y axis is in logarithmic scale that gives your charts a unified view. All graphs have the same scale that makes them easy to compare.

4. Data transfer. The gathered data can be saved to a binary file and opened anytime later on any other computer with GoPing. This will be useful if you wish to show the ping test results to your network administrator, ISP or hosting provider, to prove that you have some problems with your connection.