What do our clients say about ProtoMon.

"My organization needed to do more than monitor and alert servers and server hosted services via ICMP and SNMP. We needed the ability to monitor our state wide, public facing websites, auto-login to them, and then download content in order to ensure that the various web pages were up and functioning. This needed to be scheduled 24/7/365 with alerting via email and page.

I found numerous products on the market that could offer this for HTTP sites, but searched in vain for a similar product that also worked with SSL-enabled HTTPS sites at an affordable price. My organization didn't want to pay thousands of dollars for an all-encompassing network monitoring package just to obtain this capability. Thankfully ProtoMon does this well and at a very reasonable price. Their technical support is tremendous. I highly recommend the product and the folks behind it."
Scot A. Suits

"I'm using your free ProtoMon Lite software to monitor my web-site. Thank you for providing a great product!"
Amanda Field

"We wanted to take a moment to express our thanks to you for an outstanding product. Our company have several web-sites, mail and file server, local database server and a lot of desktop computers. We use ProtoMon to monitor them all! Now we always know, if our servers are working, have enough free disk space, reasonable CPU load and much more. This monitoring software is completely worth its price!"
Cris Hamilton

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