Custom monitoring logs

Tags: protomon, monitoring April 3, 2024

ProtoMon stores full monitoring statistics using the compact binary file format, and allows you to review it in the tabular and graphical forms. Also the program includes a built-in web server and you can review statistics remotely using your favorite web browser. But sometimes this is not enough. You may also wish to save the monitoring logs to the text file with some custom format. With ProtoMon it's quite an easy task.

As in most other cases, you can specify the general logging settings that will be applied to all monitors, and also override any option personally for each monitor. Select the Options -> Logging Settings menu item to set up the general logging settings:

Logging settings

Check the Enable logging option to enable logging by default for all monitors. Specify the name of file, you would like to save the logs to. Filename can include any number of macroes (special vars in the double curly braces) that are substituted every time ProtoMon saves a new record to the log. For example, {{MonitorName}} will be substituted with the monitor name, and {{DateTime}} with the date and time string, as specified in the Regional Options control panel settings.

Using the different macroes, you can configure ProtoMon to save a personal log for every monitor, and also create the daily, weekly, or monthly logs.

Specify the Failure logs template if you wish the program to log some string every time when monitor check fails. Fill the Success logs template if you wish ProtoMon to log some string every time when monitor check succeeded. Normally, there is no need to log all the successful checks, so you can just leave this field blank, or select the Log success only on monitor restore option. In this case ProtoMon will log only the first successful check after one or more failed checks.

Every field has a red Plus button on it. Click this button to see the list of all available macroes and to quickly add them to the corresponding field.

Logging settings menu

To override some of the logging settings for any particular monitor, double-click this monitor, switch to the Logging tab, and check the Override default logging settings option.

Logging settings override

Check the options you wish to override and specify the new templates for them.