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Review the differences between ProtoMon Standard and ProtoMon Lite. ProtoMon Lite is a free version of ProtoMon with limited functionality. The chart below outlines the differences between the two versions.

 ProtoMon Lite Standard
 Free Download Download Download
 Price FREE $149.00
 Maximum Monitors Count 1 Unlimited
 Ping Monitor
 HTTP Monitor
 FTP Monitor
 POP3 Monitor
 IMAP Monitor
 SMTP Monitor
 Telnet Monitor
 SFTP Monitor
 Custom TCP Monitor
 Console Apps Monitor
 System Info Monitor
 SSL Support
 Full Uptime Statistics
 Remote Viewing
 Automatic HTML Reports
 Language English
 Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7
 Release Date April 13, 2024
 Version 1.7 (Build 134)
 File Size 1.94 Mb
 Free Download Download Download
 Order License   Order

To update the program (both Lite and Standard versions), we recommend to use the built-in automatic update feature. In this case, ProtoMon will periodically (once a week) connect to the web-site and download the updated files, if any.

Some optional components (for example the additional skins) are updated only when this feature is on. This feature is enabled by default, but you may turn it off in the program's preferences.



Free system monitoring service.

ProtoMonAgent is a tiny and FREE windows service. ProtoMon can connect to this service and receive different system information: CPU and memory usage, files and processes information, services statuses and registry keys values. Feel free to install ProtoMonAgent on any number of computers, you wish to monitor.

 Price FREE
 Language English
 Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7
 Release Date April 13, 2024
 Version 1.1 (Build 18)
 File Size 0.51 Mb
 Free Download Download