Server monitoring and the Internet connection problems

Tags: protomon, monitoring May 2, 2024

When monitoring the remote servers from the local network there is always a chance that the server check will fail because of the Internet connection problem. The server may still be alive, but your server monitoring software wouldn't be able to connect to it, and will fire the specified notification events, like when the server is down. This will lead to storing incorrect downtime statistics and to the unwanted support calls.

This situation can be easily avoided with ProtoMon. Every monitor has the Check Internet Connection option on the General tab. When this option is enabled, ProtoMon will differ the Internet connection problems and the server monitoring failures.

General monitor settings

You will need to configure some additional settings to help ProtoMon to distinguish between those types of failures. Select the Options -> Monitoring Settings main menu item to open the following dialog window:

Monitoring settings

Specify the list of the Always accessible servers one per line. These are the Internet servers which are always up. When the monitor check fails, ProtoMon will automatically try to ping these servers. If any of them responds, it means that the Internet connection is available and your server is really down. Otherwise it is the Internet connection problem.

By default, ProtoMon will not generate any notification events, if the monitor check failure is caused by the Internet connection problem. If you need this kind of notifications, enable the Trigger the alerts, when the Internet connection fails option.